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How to Ship a Car to Croatia

Every year, there are a lot of people who move to Croatia. If you have been thinking of moving there, you may wonder if it will be okay to bring your vehicle with you. This is because of the legal processes that you will have to go through so as the car can be used on Croatian roads. However, it is not hard to process these legal documents for your car. Hence you can easily move with the vehicle to Croatia. You will only need to get a credible guide to inform you on how you can maneuver through this. This includes the procedures you have to go through and taxes that need to be paid.

If you want to move to Croatia with your car, there are a few factors that you ought to consider. The government will also need to evaluate the car that you want to import to Croatia. To start with, it would be great that you report this vehicle to the customs office within 15 days. Depending on the place where you take the car and also your nationality, you will be subjected to various taxes and few procedures so that the car can be made legal to drive there. You will be required to pay customs tax, value-added tax and the acquisition tax.

After paying these taxes your car will go through homologation process. This is the process that determines whether your car is aligning with the regulations in Croatia which depends on the car category. However, you will not be restricted as to the type of car that you import there. Nevertheless, the car has to go through this process so that you can drive it along the Croatian roads. It will not be limited to the car’s age. In addition to this, there are some charges for the homologation procedure that you will need to pay.

After this process is done, you will be required to register the vehicle in Croatia. If you will be staying there for more than six months, the car has to be registered there. Therefore, you ought to visit the nearest administrative police post that is close to your residence before six months are over since you stepped foot in that country. However, for people who are not staying more than six months in Croatia, they do not need to register their vehicles. They will only need to use foreign registration numbers for the period that they will be residing in Croatia.

A vehicle can be registered in Croatia using a foreign driver’s license. Nevertheless, these licenses can only be used up to one year by citizens who come from third-countries with temporary or permanent stay in Croatia. However, citizens from the rest of the countries do not have a limit as to the time when they can use the foreign license. When all this is done, then you will be free to drive your car on the roads of Croatia.

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