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Baixar Toxic Metals and Antidotes...

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  1. Baixar ou Ler Online Toxic Metals and Antidotes - The Chelation Therapy Handbook (ebook Edition) Livro Grátis (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Dr. Eleonore Blaurock-Busch PhD
  2. Toxic Metals and Antidotes - The Chelation Therapy Handbook (ebook Edition) resumo : All chelating agents have a specific metal-binding capacity. EDTA easily binds calcium, iron and lead but is not mercury-specific. DMPS, however, is arsenic, mercury and lead specific but is not very calcium or iron-specific. The DTPAs are not designed to use for the detoxification of these common metals, but are recommended for the treatment of certain radioactive exposures. DMSA, which is considered the antidote with only minor side effects, is used for lead exposure in children. Each chelating agent has its use. Proper administration enhances the treatment success. This book is designed to help physicians determine the chelator of choice. It is a diagnostic guide that helps differentiate between acute and chronic metal exposures, and provides easy to locate information regarding metal related diseases.

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