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Plumbing Problems – Not Your Plumbers Problem

Plumbing is any electrical system that carries fluids for various uses to different parts of a structure. It is an important component of the overall electrical system. There are different types of plumbing such as the private drain system, public sewers, water main plumbing, fire pipes, septic tank plumbing, central sewer line and hydro-galvanic plumbing. Public plumbing includes the pipes, faucets, shower heads, fixtures, valves and other apparatuses used by residents of a city or town to transport water to homes and businesses. Private drainage systems are used by individuals, groups or companies for personal purposes.

Plumbing contributes to the public health and safety by preventing the spread of diseases and harmful bacteria from one person to another. It also preserves the water supply by eliminating possible contaminants that can harm the water supply. Public plumbing systems are usually installed to provide safe and healthy water supply for the entire population.

Plumbing and sanitation play a major role in maintaining the quality of life. A clean and hygienic public drinking water supply helps to keep the individual healthy. Health officials who enforce municipal plumbing regulations take action against those who violate the rules. Most individuals are familiar with the different plumbing problems and the different solutions that the plumbing contractors offer, but there are many specialized solutions that the plumbers provide that most individuals do not know about.

One of the most common plumbing problems is potable water leakages. A typical plumbing problem that plumbers help resolve is the potable water line blocking a sewer line or a sink. This plumbing problem is more common in older houses because of the deteriorated condition of older plumbing systems. Some of the common causes include cracked drain tiles, rusty pipe joints, faulty main drain, or dirty grease trap. Some of the solutions to prevent potable water leaks include:

A clogged drain tile is a common cause of a blocked potable water pipe. The simplest way to clear a clogged drain tile is to dissolve the dirt inside the pipes by using a strong jet of water directed at the drain. Most commercial plumbing fixtures come with easy-to-follow cleaning instructions that include the cleaning of both inside and outside pipes. It is advisable to read through the cleaning instructions carefully before starting the project because they are written for professional plumbing use only. Some of the most common solutions to this type of plumbing problem include:

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) inspections are required to ensure the safety of the community. In Washington State, all residents are required to have a copy of their STP notice on hand at all times. The STP inspection report covers three main areas: faucets, kitchen sink fixtures, and laundry appliances. If you are an inspector finds plumbing or drainage problems in your home, you may be issued a written citation needed for correcting the problem. A citation is not only issued for serious plumbing issues; even a simple problem can be charged as well.

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