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Downloaden Building Billions - Part...

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  1. Downloaden of Online Lezen Building Billions - Part 1 Gratis Boek (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Lexy Timms
  2. Building Billions - Part 1 samenvatting : By USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms. One night love affair It was only supposed to be one night. Ashley’s just a low step on the ladder of her company’s success. The company party was always a big to-do. Jimmy Sheldon, the CEO and found of Big Steps always made sure his employees had a good time. He should, he worked them hard, expected more than they thought they could give, but he always rewarded their efforts. It’s what made him a great boss and the owner of a million-dollar company. He knew how to make things work.  And boy, did he.  A few too many cosmo’s and Ashley hit the dance floor. She forgot how much fun it was to dance. After a few songs, her years of competitive dance routines came back to her and she had everyone trying to move like her. Even boss-man Jimmy. And he had some decent dance moves himself. From the dance floor to the hotel room, Ashley swore they’d both forget what...

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