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Baixar Self-Regulation Interventions and...

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  1. Baixar ou Ler Online Self-Regulation Interventions and Strategies Livro Grátis (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Teresa Garland
  2. Self-Regulation Interventions and Strategies resumo : Keeping children bodies, minds and emotions on task just got easier with this new book from self-regulation expert Teresa Garland. Featuring more than 200 practical and proven interventions, strategies and adaptation for helping children gain more control over their lives. Each chapter provides rich background and theoretical material to help the reader better understand the issues our children face.  Topics include: = Basic and advanced methods to calm a child and to preventing outbursts and melt-downs  - Interventions to help with attention problems, impulse control, distractibility and the ability to sit still  - Stories and video-modeling for autism, along with techniques to quell repetitive behaviors  - Sensory strategies for sensitivity and craving = Behavioral and sensory approaches to picky eating  - Ways to increase organization skills using technology and apps  - Strategies for managing strong...

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