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The Marciano Love-Child Scaricare...

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  1. Scaricare o Leggere Online The Marciano Love-Child Libri Gratis (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Melanie Milburne
  2. The Marciano Love-Child sommario : Step into a world of sophistication and glamour, where sinfully seductive heroes await you in luxurious international locations. Her secret’s out…. . . She’ll pay the price of betrayal Alessandro Marciano threw Scarlett out on the street without a second glance – this gold-digger had betrayed him! But pregnant, penniless, and now homeless, Scarlett refused to believe that the man who had fathered her child could be so heartless. Now Alessandro has returned – to claim the woman who lit his desire like no other. He has a business proposition for Scarlett: he’ll bankrupt her or bed her. The choice is hers… But when Alessandro is suddenly faced with the fact that Scarlett’s child is his son, there isn’t a choice at all. Scarlett will be the Marciano bride – whether she comes willingly or not…

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